Farmers Market

FloraBee is excited to be a part of the Lakewood Grower’s Collective, and will be selling alongside them at the Pearl Street Farmers Market again in 2020! The collective was formed with the mission of bringing together local growers to pool resources and labor in order to be able to have a presence at the market all season long. While Katie and Aaron may be at the farm filling orders on the weekends, Flora Bee flowers will be there every week! Our fellow growers in the collective hold the same high standards and values that we do, and you’ll find them with flowers, veggies, fruit, eggs and more – all produced in the Denver metro area. Learn more about the collective HERE.

Community Supported Agriculture

Our community supported agriculture (CSA) program is a great way to get fresh, seasonal, produce and flowers! You can customize your share to meet your needs including choose the frequency, length, and pick up location of your CSA share.

Food and Flower CSA

This share combines our fresh, sustainably grown produce with our flowers. Each pick up you will receive a portion of what is growing on the farm! Vegetables were our focus for most of the past 10 years running a CSA, farm stands, wholesale accounts, and donations. We are excited to be offering nourishment for the bodies and souls of our community again! We are offering season long shares that run from the week of June 22nd- October 19th as well as fall shares that run from the week of August 17th- October 19th. You can decided if weekly or bi-weekly pick ups are right for you and choose your pick up location: on the farm in Lakewood, or at the Old South Pearl Street Farmers Market!

Flower CSA

We have partnered with LoHi Steak Bar to offer a convenient pick up location in the highlands on Wednesdays in addition to on farm pick up in Lakewood on Thursdays and at the Old South Pearl Street Farmers Market on Sundays.We have three different size options: large, medium, and duo. The large share boasts a full arrangement that is perfect for spaces that could use a statement piece like an entry way or kitchen island. The medium share is perfect for any area in the house that could benefit from a pop of color. The duo share is great if you have a couple places in your home you want to seasonal flowers or to share with friends and family! All shares come in fully compostable packaging to keep them safe and fresh until you get them home and can put them in your favorite vase or mason jar. You can choose to get flowers all season long from June- October, during the summer, or in the fall, whatever suits your lifestyle! Finally, you can decide if you want to get flowers every week or every other week.

We invite our CSA members to the farm a couple times during the season for tours and activities. CSA members also get 10% off of additional bouquets.

You can go to our shop to select the perfect share for you or for a loved one!

Food and Flower Share

  • June 22nd- October 17th
  • Season Long and Fall Season Options
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pick up
  • Choose Pick up Locations in Denver and Lakewood!

Large Flower Subscription

  • June 22nd-October 8th
  • Season Long and Fall Season Options
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pick up
  • Choose Pick up Locations in Denver and Lakewood!

Flower Duo Subscription

  • June 22nd-October 8th
  • Season Long and Fall Season Options
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pick up
  • Choose Pick up Locations in Denver and Lakewood!


At FloraBee Flowers, we believe that community strengthens through collaboration, which is why we participate in the Colorado Flower Collective. This collective aggregates flowers from the Denver metro area to meet the needs of both farmers and purchasers, allowing for ease of mind and business on both ends and a sustainable system. Learn more about the Colorado Flower Collective HERE.

Donation Garden

FloraBee Flowers sets aside 15% of our growing space to grow vegetables to share with our community. We share the produce straight from the garden with people who pass by, and through The Action Center, whose mission is to provide an immediate response to basic human needs and promote pathways to self-sufficiency for Jefferson County residents and the homeless. Though Flora Bee Flower Farms is primarily a flower business, the issue of food access is one that is at our core, and we take pride in being able to provide our community with locally grown and nutrient-dense produce.

Local Farms


Being part of the agriculture scene in the Denver metro area is a rewarding and humbling experience. You can support local farmers who are dedicated to building a better food system, nourishing communities and strengthening local ecosystems by checking them out and choosing local with your next food purchase. We believe that there is strength in education and resources, so we have listed below notable farms and programs below that we want to share with you.

Frontline Farming

FrontLine Farming is a food and farmers advocacy group focusing on food growing, education, sovereignty and justice. They grow beyond organic, nutrient dense food at the following locations: Sister Gardens :: 2861 52nd Ave.  Denver, CO • Celebration Garden :: 1650 South Birch St., Denver, CO Majestic View Farm :: 7000 Garrison St. Arvada, CO. Visit their website for up to date information on volunteer opportunities and pay what you can farm stands.

Sprout City Farms

“Sprout City Farms believes that a thriving local food system is the foundation for healthy, resilient communities. We strive to ensure food-secure communities by developing and strengthening the local food system.” Sprout City Farms builds farms in underutilized spaces to bring fresh produce to communities that lack access as well as offering educational programs and opportunities for new farmers to gain the skills they need to start their own farms. You can support Sprout City Farms by purchasing vegetables at their produce stands, through a CSA, or by volunteering.

Dahlia Campus Farms and Gardens

The Mental Health Center of Denver has dedicated space for a large aquaponic greenhouse that provides year round greens and fish as well as a farm that produces seasonal produce for the North East Park Hill community. You can support Dahlia Campus Farms and Garden through their food box program year round or through their Wednesday evening market during the summer and fall.

Wild Wicks Farm

Wild Wicks is run by Jamie Wickler. Jamie was previously a farmer for Chatfield Botanic Gardens where she also created and ran a veterans to  farmers program. She is also one of the founders of the Lakewood Growers Collective. You can find Wild Wick’s pristine produce at the Pearl Street Farmers Market as well as at their farm stand.

Roost Farms

A truly remarkable family farm in Wheat Ridge that offers vegetables, eggs, bread, and so much more. Roost Farms sells out their CSA early every year, so if you want in on what they offer, you’ll have to act fast!

Fleischer Family Farm

Fleisher Family Farm is a family operated farm in Lakewood. Paul and Chelsie are passionate about education and offer several classes such as Beekeeping Basics, Backyard Chicken Keeping 101, and Homemade Soap. They also have a CSA that sells out fast, but if you miss the chance to sign up, you can catch some of their produce at their farm stand.

Acres at Warren Tech

Acres is a working farm that is part of the programs offered at Warren Tech. Students get hands on experience at the farm and utilize the produce in their culinary courses. Acres is always on the leading edge of innovative ideas that use increase efficiency and contribute to a thriving farm ecosystem. The farmers at Warren Tech have a large farm to maintain on top of focusing on education, yet they still find the time to help other farmers get started by lending their time, skills, and equipment. You can support this awesome project by purchasing a CSA share, visiting them at the farmers market, or donating.

Mile High Fungi

The best mushrooms around sold by the nicest people you’ll ever meet! You can find their mushrooms at farmers markets and you can purchase a CSA share through one of the farms they partner with.

Ela Family Farms

Ela is not located in the Denver Area, but they are avid supporters of Denver Area farmers and have been supplying the Front Range with some of the best fruit around for decades. You can get their fruit through CSA’s all over town or at farmers markets.

Sun Prairie Beef

The best father and son meat operation around! They sell high quality grass fed beef and pork, and have restored hundreds of acres of poor grassland into thriving and productive grass ecosystems. Keith is also the president of the Mile High Farmers Union and an advocate for urban farmers in Denver.