Filler flowers complete every floral arrangement and, despite their casual name, give so much to every occasion. The full list of filler flowers is almost countless, so we’ve compiled a shortlist of filler flowers that we’ve had a lot of fun with this season. Fillers are a fun way to add to your favorite blooms with confidence!

1.     Yarrow These delicate, soft flowers are often found in white, yellow, purples and pinks. Yarrow is an herb, and is commonly known for treating several ailments from the common cold, hay fever, toothaches and more. It’s also a powerful astringent, making it a common component of organic skin care. If you’re wanting to compliment a bouquet of bold blooms, choose a softer white yarrow. If you’re looking for a pop of color in your arrangement, do for a pink or purple variety.

2.     Feverfew Looking like little white daisies, feverfew is a beautiful little bloom that carries a big medicinal purpose. This plant is traditionally used to relieve migraines and stomach aches, but it is most known for aiding women with problems during labor and childbirth! The long stems with cute yellow centers make for a lovely spring bouquet, but the history of healing behind feverfew offer a thoughtful filler for any baby shower bouquet.

3.     Chocolate Lace Flowers Though they’re leading with ‘chocolate’, think beautiful hues of purple and pink when it comes to chocolate lace flowers. These flowers look spectacular en masse, but are perfect for weddings that have darker color schemes (main or accent) and are bold accompaniments to lighter florals.

4.     Clary Sage Hailing from the Mediterranean Basin, this flowering herb is known for its common role in aromatherapy. A refreshing, clean scent is exactly what you would expect from these striking blooms of purples and pinks. Clary Sage adds the perfect pinch of color and scent to any arrangement – especially when welcoming spring!

5.     Dill  “…as in, pickles?” Yes! When dill flowers, it produces eye-popping, tiny yellow flowers that can be the perfect element to build a striking arrangement. If you’re looking to add a green, feathery depth to your bouquet, catch the dill before it flowers. This common herb also blooms in white flowers – you just may have to look a bit harder for it.

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